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What is 
Freestyle Soccer?

Most people remember Ronaldinho, the famous soccer player, and OG of the famous "Joga Bonito" style that recently evolved into a brand new sport, Freestyle Soccer.


Freestyle Soccer or Freestyle Football (Worldwide) is the art of juggling a football using any part of the body, excluding the elbows to the hands. It combines football tricks, dance, acrobatics and music to entertain audiences and compete with opponents in a 1v1 format.

Hi, I'm Kenneth.

CPT, Professional Freestyler & Influencer

"I've always liked unusual, creative, innovative ideas. One day, freestyle soccer came across my path. I found my calling. It was an obsession that brought me motivation on my hardest days and led me to a path of traveling, competitions, public recognition, and a never-ending path of self-improvement.

With my skills, I aim to bring a smile, show the world the result of hard work and determination, and represent myself as a pioneer in this soccer revolution."

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