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Train with Kenneth!

Join me on a transformative fitness journey. With extensive expertise in sports and training, I'm your dedicated partner. Personalized, science-driven sessions are crafted to unlock your potential. Let's achieve your fitness goals together!


Intense bursts of exercise with brief rests. Boosts metabolism, enhances cardio. Quick, effective fitness.


Bodyweight exercises for strength, flexibility. Builds lean muscle, enhances agility.

Weight loss

Focused exercises to burn fat, increase metabolism. Steady, effective slimming.

Strength Training

Dynamic movements to increase explosive strength and speed. Boosts athletic performance.

"Your results matter to me"

-Kenneth Freestyle.

My prices promote a longer number of sessions to make sure

we can reach your goals at a consistent pace.

The only thing I need from you, is your full commitment.

"Transform any small space into your personal fitness oasis. Home training proves that big goals don't require big spaces—just big commitment. Start your tailored journey to greatness today!"

From my clients

Boxing Gloves

Emily S.

"I met him at Santa Monica, and decided to give his training a try, he's knowledgeable and patient. I recommend him a lot."

Movement is life.

Invest on your health.

Invest on your yourself.

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